Brush Set Includes:

DB01: Foundation brush – Prep for a smooth base. Its synthetic bristles buff the
product onto the skin without leaving any lines or streaks, helping your skin to

DB02: Flat Eye Definer brush - A multi-tasking precision brush. Good for applying Eyeshadow across the eyelid and building pigment by gently patting.
Appropriate for setting eye primers and concealers.

DB03: Crease blending brush – A guide to a FLAWLESS cut crease and base. Start by adding dimension to the eyes with our crease blending brush. It is essential for packing shadow on to the creases of your eye, whist helping defuse harsh edges and corners.

DB04: Angled Contour brush – Sculpt the structures of your face and get snatched. This brush makes the technique of contouring and bronzing so much easier with its shape and densely packed bristles. FLAWLESSLY blend away your
cheekbones, forehead, jawline and nose yet still achieving a chiselled effect.

DB05: Blush & Bronze brush - Designed to deposit the perfect amount of colour
onto your cheeks by adding definition. Its fibres are soft and build a full rounded
dome shape to help you as you skim over the surface of your cheeks. It covers the smaller areas unlike our powder brush to get a FLAWLESS and naturally flushed look.

DB06: Eye blending brush – Blend your Eyeshadow to a seamless finish. Ideal
brushes for creating subtle transitions that help merge colours together as well
as adding some depth to your Eyeshadow, whilst blending harsh shades for a
more gradual build.

DB07: Small packing eye brush - a multipurpose brush used to gain maximum
colour. This brush focuses on applying, detailing and layering Eyeshadow for the
under eye, water line and eyelid. Its shape packs products such as pigments and
shimmers on to the eye FLAWLESSLY.

DB08: Precision eye pencil brush – a small pencil brush that allows precise colour application. Its tiny tip is used for smudging Eyeshadow along the lower lash line, smoking out eyeliner, and creating a defined crease.

DB09: Powder brush – An all-purpose face brush carefully crafted to create a
filtered and FLAWLESS finish. Perfect for pressed or loose powders such as
setting powders, finishing powders, powder foundations, or powder highlighters.
It evenly dusts away any excess product from the face.

DB10: Fan Highlighter brush – Fan your glow and look HOT!  This brush is ideally shaped to dust and delicately apply powder or cream highlighters on the
cheekbones, above the brow and eye area and the bridge of the nose. It offers
less of a stroke and more of a blend for a subtle yet striking glow.